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Cut Tin Art

Cut-tin art.  What the heck is that?  Well, this is the latest example of Barbara’s sculptural artwork.  Tin-snips and gloves are requisite tools, along with wood forms.  Completed creations include the finished reverse (the back finished) and the edges embellished with copper.

The Eagle is currently for sale at Scanlon Gallery in Ketchikan, Alaska after being displayed at the Alaska Discovery Center Hummingbird Art Exhibit in April 2023.

The Raven is in a private collection as well as two other Raven’s created in the cut-tin series.  Like what you see, please commission a Raven.  I do not charge for my cut fingers and will even provide a new pair of handling gloves with each piece ordered.  Sizes can be according to your wall space.  Suitable for outdoors only in places where it is dry.