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Photography is one of Barbara’s artistic interests.   She learned on a Nikon D2 and then purchased a D3 at age 22 which became a trusted partner for many years, and included a small business entitled Image Photography.  Barbara's favorite early experiences were photographing a childbirth in black and white; macro-work, nature and children.  Especially meaningful was Barbara's experience in 2013 of being the Photojournalist with a medical mission Paz Salud, in El Salvador.   Through time and several Nikons later she has transitioned to digital images.  Barbara does not artificially enhance her work.  The images were and are as presented to her in the moment of the camera's shutter.  Barbara’s Nikon D500 remains her current camera for capturing the world.  There are many good professional and amateur photographers.  While a good camera and equipment are prerequisites, what is most important is the eye behind the lens.  Barbara has more than 100,000 35mm negatives, slide transparencies, photographs and digital images from a lifetime of photography.  The small sample herein are examples of the most recent digital work in the last few years but is by no means an entire collection.  Not yet added are photographs of the Grand Canyon.   Credit goes to her spouse, Richard H. Smith, an excellent photographer.  He taught her most of what she knows about photography; originally through shared darkroom work and the magic of images coming to light in an exposure bath.

From her darkroom days, Barbara wrote:  In the darkroom, the negative method of viewing existence thus becomes an exciting manner in which humanity is illuminated.