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Sculpture is a unique term.  If we think of sculpture by an artist such as Michelangelo or Rodin  one sees a carved or chiseled form.   Masterpieces to be certain.  Another fine example is Dave Rubin’s commissioned piece “The Rock” in Ketchikan.   I would never put myself against well-known or art-world-recognized professionals.

There are, however, many examples of contemporary artists who sculp in various ways and forms.  Barbara is that type of artist.  She  calls most of her three-dimensional pieces as sculpture.  That always take some explaining, because the first question is always “what kind of sculpture do you do?”  

Photos of “The Hunt” and “Southern Mexico Gecko – Lupe” are examples, as well as the “Wooman Warrior”.  The Gecko was made in collaboration with Barbara’s brother and several of their pieces hung in a gallery in Carefree, Arizona.  Wooman Warrior was first displayed in an art show.  My Wooman Warrior was created in conjunction with my friend and neighbor Ed, an artist in his own right!  He helped me weld.  She, the Warrior is currently displayed at Allen Marine Tours in Ketchikan.